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Meet Elen...

"It takes high doses of courage and daring from the bottom of the soul to rescue our identity, to mature our woman, and to dive into our feminine. It means to refuse feeding illusions in becoming what we are not (and will never be). We are reborn from the ashes not only with chronological age or the simple passing of the seasons but with the wisdom to choose our own challenges, aware that most of them will come from within." - Elen Müller

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A Dedicated Vocation in Facilitating the Rescue of Feminine Identity


In the unnamed, I name who I am to encompass the creative needs, the multi passions, and a curious impulse that sprang up in my being. Instead of fitting into a professional pattern, I followed the path of a visceral vocation. I was drawn to every flavor of wisdom, which was seasoned with journeys to sacred sites, unexpected experiences, and a genuine desire to delve into the feminine knowledge at the sources.


Believing in the multiple potentialities of the female universe, I propose a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach to women. From essence to appearance. From the corporeal to the spiritual. From instinctual to mental.


At each stage of the vocational journey, in individual sessions, courses, lectures, and initiatives that I offer, I bring honoring the teachings of the past, appreciating the possibilities of the present, and customizing concrete steps for the future.

My invitation is about the relationship between descending to the depths and activating the flight. It's not about framing the woman in a cold and distant analysis. It's about co-creating a safe space. It's about respecting a woman's personal experience and trusting her ability to find her own answers. Far from determinism and reductionism, with manufactured responses from masculine theories about women, which have been perpetuated for so many years, my approach has no intention of prescribing diagnoses, determining pathologies, or advising.


Aligning myself with the idea of ​​being an independent thinker, I cultivated a wide variety of sources of knowledge that was intended to bring awareness of the feminine to me. Over time, the spiral of life has expanded, directing me to facilitate self-reflection and self-exploration for other women.

My personal odyssey is mirrored in my professional biography, so they are interconnected in the depths of my identity. As an eternal apprentice, the studies, training, and deepening to which I dedicated myself (and dedicate myself) are part of a whole for more than a decade. Below are some:


2023: 30 hours in course with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, author of the book Women Who Run with the Wolves, in the Heart of The Wounded Healer training, learning techniques developed by the author, about how women can heal themselves. Colorado, USA.

2021:  Master's in Women's Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies. An integral study that prioritizes the production of non-colonized, non-patriarchal, and emancipatory knowledge about women multidimensionally in the mental, emotional, and spiritual field; and multidisciplinary retrieving the voices of women authors who have dedicated themselves in the fields of philosophy, sociology, feminine spirituality, psychology, social justice, poetry, literature, politics, history, archeology, mythology and others. California, USA.

2019: 18 hours of study in Personality Psychology at Berkeley University on the definitions of personality varieties, as well as relevant theories and research in the biological, humanistic, cognitive, and social fields. California, USA.


2018 and 2017: 56 hours in courses with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, author of the book Women Who Run with the Wolves, in the Original Voice and Art as a Sacred Act training, learning techniques developed by the author, revealing how women can meet their needs and dedicate themselves to a creative life as a means of healing from trauma, oppressions and repressions. Colorado, USA.

2018: 20-hour course with Miranda Gray, author of the book Red Moon, in the Moon Mother training about the blessing of the uterus, focused on the connection with the Divine Feminine, deepening ancestral healing, rescuing the awareness of cycles and the archetypal power of each phase. Florida, USA.


2016 and 2015: 175 hours of courses at Instituto Marangoni and Australian Style Institute on the use of visual art to create a personal image that reveals aspects of internal identity, and, at the same time, translates the symbology of clothing into external identity, understanding the impacts of the decades on the image of women and providing a better relationship in this connection ritual. Milan, Italy, and Melbourne, Australia.


2011, 2010 and 2009: 424 hours of courses in coaching and systemic constellations, certified by the European Coaching Association and International Association of Coaching Institutes on the integral study (considering body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit) in the field of human development with theories, research, and techniques that provide therapeutic effects and personal improvement of self-exploration capacities, investigating blocks, traumas and insecurities, aiming at personal or professional fulfillment. São Paulo, Brazil.

From 2009 to 2015: around 346 hours in free courses aimed at integrative therapies which help in the restoration of the mind, body, emotions and spirit, in order to find meaning and a pleasurable movement of self-care, regardless of the presence or from the absence of illness, resulting in well-being. Curitiba Brazil.


2007: academic study in law at PUC-PR University, and the first career as a lawyer in the contractual field.


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